How to clean tough to reach areas in your home

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October 14, 2016
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How to clean tough to reach areas in your home

This is a question that we often get asked by our customers. People ask us how we normally clean the areas in a home that are hard to reach. There are lots of different examples of these types of areas and every home has them.

Cabinet tops

If you have high standing cabinets, it can be difficult to get to the top of them to clean off the dust. This is made even more difficult if the cabinet is almost the same height as your ceiling – leaving only a very small gap in between.

Even if the gap can’t easily be seen it is still important to clean the surface because the build-up of dust there can affect the air in the room making it bad for your boy to breath in.

To clean these areas, it is best to use a sturdy stool or a short set of step ladders so that you can get up near to the cabinet top and then dust it with a damp cloth. If there is only a very small gap between the cabinet top and the ceiling the you can use a low-profile mop handle with a damp cloth on the end of it to each in to that area.

Behind your toilet

This is an area that everyone has in their home and one that nobody likes to clean. It can be difficult to get into the tighter areas behind your toilet partly because there is very little gap to reach in to and partly because it involves crouching down on the floor.

Despite it not being a very nice job cleaning behind your toilet, and in fact every part of your toilet, is very important because it is a place where seriously dangerous germs can breed.

The best tool that you can use for cleaning these areas is a toothbrush or other small and bristly implement. This type of cleaning utensil can get in to very small areas but is also abrasive enough to remove the dirt and germs from the surfaces.

In addition, it is a good idea to get some old clothes on and some rubber gloves when you are cleaning behind your toilet. That way you will feel more comfortable getting stuck in, crouched on the floor and this gives you the best opportunity to give the area a good clean.

Cleaning dust from the ceiling and corners

Ceilings tend to get dusty over time but they can be areas that are very hard to reach – especially when you are trying to dust the ceilings above stairs or tight corners of the room.

Luckily there are tools that have been built specifically for this job. For example, you can get a telescopic duster that will do exactly what you need and remove cobwebs and dust from even the furthest corners of the ceiling.

Cleaning bathroom mould

Cleaning bathroom mould from your tiles can be a very difficult job. Even in bathrooms that have good ventilation this type of mould can still build up over time. We get asked about this a lot and people say that no matter how much they scrub and with what solution they just cannot remove this mould from their ceramic tiles.

For this type of work, we recommend that you invest in a heavy duty cleaner and apply it with a toothbrush or other cleaning implement that has tough bristles. You will still need to put in a lot of leg work when trying to remove what is essentially a mould stain, but with the right cleaning solution and a good strong tool for applying that solution you can remove this mould from your bathroom tiles.

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