Commercial office cleaning

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November 6, 2016
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Commercial office cleaning

Commercial office cleaning often seems like a cost that you could do without. This has been especially apparent for using the last few years when the economy has seen everyone struggling.

We have seen a lot of businesses (Especially those that are in the SME scope) pull out of cleaning contracts to try and save money.

This is understandable of course – everyone is struggling now and I am sure that every business has looked recently at its outgoings to see where it can make the most cutbacks.

However, we wanted to stress the importance of office cleaning in this blog post as we feel that it is a necessity and not something that should be cut even when times are tough.

Keeping a clean environment is good for health

The health benefits are probably the most important and the most obvious reasons what you need to keep your office environment regularly cleaned. Having a dirty office will eventually breed germs, mould and these products will gradually make that environment a very unsafe place to work. Ultimately this can lead to staff taking more time off sick or even worse, you could end up with a court case on your hands.

Keeping up staff motivation

Nobody likes to work in an unclean environment and if you don’t keep your office tidy and clean then your staff’s motivation levels will likely suffer. If they are coming in every day to a dirty office they will not be happy and they will not work as hard as they would in a clean office environment.

Increased workload for existing members of staff

The problem with not having a professional cleaning company in to clean your business premise is this: someone else ends up having to do the job on their behalf and often it ends up being existing employees that must take up that task. Firstly, this means that the job is not done as well, because they are not trained in cleaning and secondly it means that time is being taken away from doing their primary job. This means that the company is effectively paying someone an accountancy wage, for example, to do a cleaning job and this is very inefficient.

Bad for branding

If you have a clean office environment – a clean workplace, clean exterior – then it makes your business look good, it makes your staff feel good and it makes it more likely for your staff to promote your business to others.

Having an unclean environment is a slippery slope that ends with your brand name suffering – people start to see your business as second rate and they get the impression that you don’t look after your business and thus you don’t look after your customers.

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